Single Row Light Bar Covers

$10.60 CAD


Single Row Light Bar Covers made from the same durable poly-carbonate Lexan composite material as our light bar lens. The covers feature an easy clip system for quick on and off functionality. Each cover measures 6″ in length and are made specific to our single row light bars. Available in four different colors. Amber and blue covers can help with visibility in fog, rain and snow! The black cover blocks most light emitted whereas the other colors would alter the color of the light emitted.

When ordering please note that each cover is 6″ in length so you will need to pay attention to the lens length of your light bar and order the correct amount. For example, if you have a 30″ single row light bar you will need 5 cover. Some areas require all lights above the headlights to be covered. Make sure you check your local laws to ensure you are following the rules of the road. Single Row Light Bar Covers can save you a ticket if that is the law where you live.

Need double row light bar covers instead? Follow this link

  • Poly-carbonate Lexan Composite Material
  • Easy Clip on
  • 6″ length
  • Amber, Blue, Green, Black