7” Round Amber Cover

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Our 7” Round Amber Cover is made from the same strong and durable material as our light bars lens. Poly-carbonate Lexan composite lens is a very durable material and will in fact deflect a shotgun blast. Some locations require that you have a cover on you led lights when in use. Along with that reason, using an amber cover will help with visibility in non ideal weather. For example in the rain, snow and fog, traditional “fog lights” always had a selective yellow color as the blue light in brighter lights do tend to reflect light more in night driving. These amber covers will help in the same situations to increase visibility in less than ideal weather conditions.

7” Round Amber Cover fits on our 7″ Round light found here https://kodiakled.com/led-light-products/7-60w-5160-lmsea/

  • Poly-carbonate Lexan composite Lens
  • Sold as a set of 2