5″x7″ Sealed Beam Black

$165.00 CAD

Plug and Play design for many applications. Price is for 1 single light, it is NOT for a set of 2.


The 5”x7” Sealed Beam Conversion is a direct fit, plug and play headlight replacement for your Harley Davidson, V-Star, Classic car or Jeep, many ag vehicles with a modern 6500 Kelvin white look. Without fan or ballast, this LED assembly projects a crisp ultra-white light and wider spectrum than the original bulbs. The color contrast is impressive and increases your driving safety.

The Sealed Beam series lights are sold individually and not as a set. They are available in 5 different common sizes. Also, with two color options for the interior reflectors, black or chrome. These updated LED 5”x7” Sealed Beam lights will not only give you more crisp light but will also enhance the look of your vehicle.

Is this bulb right for you?

Not sure what bulb number you need? Your vehicle manual will have the information. Alternatively, the bulb number will also be stamped on your current bulb. Do a quick search here https://kodiakled.com/odx-racing-lights/ to find your bulb and which series will work best for you.

  • Optional DRL (Daylight Running light)
  • Built-in Canbus and anti-flicker
  • DOT/SAE Certified
  • Installation: Install without any modifications on most vehicles
  • Instant Ignition: The chip lights up immediately. So, there is no warmup time as compared to HID bulbs
  • Warranty: Our Intense LED bulbs are under warranty as long as you own your vehicle. Built to last over 30,000 hours
  • Design: Conversion light with style and functionality
  • Reliability: Waterproof, resistant to shocks, vibration, and dust. Can tolerate weather conditions -40c up to +80c.
  • Material: Mix of Aluminum and plastic
  • Beam Color: Cold white 6500K https://kodiakled.com/glossary/kelvin/
  • Peace of mind: Clear view of possible road hazards
  • Operating Voltage: DC 9-32V
  • Projector Compatible: No