48W Sprayer Boom Lighting

$349.80 CAD

Make night spraying easy with our LED Sprayer and Boom lighting. Easily see any issues that you may encounter with your nozzles. Priced and sold as a pair of 2 light. WIRING HARNESS IS NOT INCLUDED. IF YOU NEED THE WIRING HARNESS, THE PRODUCT IS PLUG & PLAY DT-2 WIRING HARNESS AND IS LINKED BELOW.



The 48W sprayer boom lighting is an upgraded version from our older 28W sprayer light. This 48W lamp is giving double the light output but in the same compact sizing. One benefit of our sprayer boom lighting is that the operator can easily see any issues with the nozzles from the cab of your machine. Although not all people spray at night there are some benefits to doing so. Benefits include decreased wind during night time applications, certain insects only coming out at night, and slower chemical evaporation times. Also there is less stress on vegetation in the night. This results in making it easier on yourself, your eyes, your crop and your time. Our 48w sprayer boom lighting help with efficiency, functionality and help to use your time effectively. Made with strong and durable cast aluminum housing and poly-carbonate Lexan composite lens. The lights are also stocked in red, blue or green color options to suit your preferences. The price listed is for a set of 2 lamps. For the best result we suggest using two sets (4) lamps. For help in determining if one set will be enough for your machine, please click the “click here for important factors to consider” button below. Quick and easy installation with our Plug and Play DT-2 Harness (Dual Output) https://kodiakled.com/led-light-products/plug-and-play-dt-2-wire-harness-dual/ Description:    Color Options: Red, Blue, Green IP Rating: IP68  – Please click this link for more info on IP rating  http://www.dsmt.com/resources/ip-rating-chart/ 48 W per lamp 3377 Lumens per lamp Polycarbonate/ Lexan composite lens 5-year full product free replacement warranty Op Voltage: 10V to 36V DC Current Draw: 3.9A at 12V 

Click Here For Important Factors To Consider

  Here we will list some factors to consider when deciding how many you need and how to mount the lights. One customer said he can’t see behind his wheels and didn’t want to mount beyond his line of sight. He mounted one lamp behind the corner of his rear tires. He was very happy with that setup using 1 set (2 lamps). Another customer wanted them centered behind the wheels, as he can view that area on his camera system in the cab . A different customer also wanted them behind the machine so coworker, in another machine can see those nozzles when passing by. We had another guy come into our booth at one of the Ag trade shows. He had bought a similar 2 lamp system from another company in the past. They instructed him to mount the lights behind the nozzles where the spray pattern was much thinner. With that in mind the beams should be able to penetrate more nozzle patterns. Yet, he was not happy with that system. As any gust of wind would blow the finer mist out of the light, giving poor visual results.  From one guy to the next, each has a preference and their own techniques when spraying. Some spray forward, or more rearward, and the next will spray straight down. Also, spray heights may vary as well as the wide variety of nozzle/spray patters.  Many booms also vary in size and distance between nozzles. As well as a different GPM rate. We recommend using 4 lamps shining straight through the spray pattern for optimal results. In doing so, you will always have an evenly bright, steady, glow of light. Mounting the lights this way will ensure proper coverage of each nozzle. You may be able to fine tune 1 set and be quite happy with them as others have in the past. For example, the customer noted above. For mounting, each lamp has a small bracket, nut and bolt. Some booms have the nozzles at different heights. It is optimal to mount your lamps to be under the tip of the nozzles. Not too low or they will affect the spray patterns. The spread of light will widen up and down, as well as side to side as it shins out of the lamp. You may need to use a short length of angle iron to get the lamp at the right height below the nozzle. Angle iron will bolt easily to square tube booms. If your boom is made of round bar, then you would need a U bolt to bolt the angle iron to it.

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