Plug and Play DT-2 Wire Harness (Dual)

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Plug and play two lights up to 180 watt with this easy DT-2 harness

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Our Plug and Play DT-2 Wire Harness (Dual) makes wiring your light a breeze! Made from heavy duty high-grade material that is great for electrical conductivity with a high temperature and melting point. Our light bars feature a pre-plugged wire that plugs directly into the wiring harness connector. Featuring an inline 30 amp fuse to provide over-current protection of an electrical circuit.  Suitable to handle two led lights with the dual output plugs. The DT-2 Harness is most commonly used for sets of lights such as the 3″ square pods found here; .

The heavy duty wiring and amp allow this harness to power up to 180 watts of led light. In-line fuse, relay, eyelets with power and ground to the battery.  As well as a round rocker switch for quick on and off capabilities at the flick of the switch. With over 130″ of length from switch to eyelets this wiring harness allows enough material to wire practically any LED light bar in any location on a standard sized vehicle. To make life easier, try our Plug and Play DT-2 Wire Harness (Dual) with your next lighting project!

This harness can be used with any combination of two lights to support UP TO 180 watts total output.

  • 132″ (11 feet) length from end to end
  • Plug and Play Connections
  • Eyelets with power and ground to the battery
  • AWG 16 wire
  • In-line 30 amp Fuse
  • 40 amp Relay
  • In-line Switch

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