4′ HD Welded Utility x 100′

$230.00 CAD


4′ HD Welded Utility x 100′ fence roll is a multipurpose fence used for animal containment, perimeter fencing and predator deterrent. Welded wire is a sturdy fencing option, made from 12.5-gauge heavy duty wire, for small or medium livestock, pets, dog run and for predatory defense . The 2″x 4″ grid hole makes for a neat and uniform fence. Coated with class 1 hot dipped galvanized steel to protect against environmental wear and tear. While this fence can be used for animals such as sheep, goats and horses, a more suitable option for those animals would be a woven wire fence. Click here to view the sheep & goat fencing https://kodiakled.com/led-light-products/4-sheep-and-goat-pasture-fence-330/

Price is per roll of 4′ HD Welded Utility x 100′ fence and does not included shipping. Fencing may be shipped or delivered for an additional fee. Contact us today to make your purchase!

Product Details

Height: 4′
Length: 100′
Material: Class 1 hot dipped galvanized steel
Hole: 2″ by 4″ welded
Strength (gauge): 12.5
Weight (approx.): 80 lb / 36.3 kg