30W Solar Integrated Area Light

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The 30W solar integrated area light is a stylish, durable and robust outdoor light. Led lighting offers huge savings for your monthly power consumption. However, add to that the solar power capabilities and you will save on several things. Such as electrical installation fees, the cost of extra mounting and connection materials. Also any monthly power costs will now be zero for existing lights replaced. The integrated solar light is a one piece fixture with a mono crystalline panel. Mono crystalline solar panels have the highest efficiency rates, are the most space-efficient since they yield the highest power outputs. As such they require the least amount of space to any other type of solar panel.  Additionally, mono crystalline panels have a long lifespan. The light housing is made from strong and durable cast aluminum and has a stone look coating finish for additional protection and style!

The amount of sunlight hours in Saskatchewan is among the highest in Canada. Ultimately making solar the smartest, greenest and most cost effective way to go for long term options. If you are looking for a great light with high output, zero running costs, and great warranty, our 30w solar integrated area light is the best option! With the high prices of power today, LED solar lights can save you lots of money in the long run.

The modern shape of this light is very attractive while also providing functional lighting where you need it. Suitable for parking lots, street and road way lighting, farm yard or acreage, rural, urban, commercial, industrial or residential areas. These lights will have your covered.

  • Cast aluminum housing
  • Lithium-ion battery
  • One piece solar panel and led light
  • Adjustable pole positioning mounting
  • Poly-carbonate lens cover
  • Operating temperatures -40°C to +85°C

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