100W Outdoor Yard/Shoebox Light

$371.00 CAD

Brightest lights on the market! Highest lumens per watt which translates to money in your pocket! Great lighting option made specifically for exposure to the outdoor elements. Suitable for multiple applications from yard, parking lot, bin lighting, street, canopy lighting with multiple mounting options available.


In stock (can be backordered)


The 100W outdoor yard/shoebox light offers an outstanding 175 lumens per watt. Furthermore, these newest chip technology lights have more lumens per watt than the outdated older lights you can still find on the market. Don’t be fooled and shop for dollars and watts, shop for lumens and dollars and get the most for your money. Updating your area to our high lumen per watt lighting cuts power consumption, gives you brighter more workable light, while also providing a safer environment. Therefore, saving you money by drawing less power while still giving you more light and keep you safer! Other yard lights tend to give off a lot of light pollution toward the sky, ours do not. These lights have downward facing lights that ensure the light gets to where you need it the most.

What you need to know:
This light comes with a pivot mount and wall base that allows for multiple mounting capabilities for your convenience. The pivot mount lets you position the light to control the angle and spread of light for your specific needs. In addition, a dusk to dawn photo sensor is included at no additional cost to you. As such this offers even more savings by never having the light turned on when it is not needed. Get up to 80% monthly power savings with our 100W outdoor yard/shoebox light. Made to withstand our harsh Canadian weather, from summer to our long winter nights, this light will not let you down.

  • 7 Year Warranty!
  • 100 Watts (17,500 Lms)
  • 175 Lm/watt Effective(after lens is applied)
  • 195 Lm/watt Raw (in factory, without lens)
  • 6,000 K
  • Durable and Rugged Construction
  • Cast Aluminum Housing
  • Poly-carbonate Lens
  • 100-277 Volts A/C
  • 120° Spread of Light
  • Includes pivot pole mount bracket, wall mount and photocell.
  • Multiple mounting options available upon special request; slip fitter, round/ square pole mount, wall mount, trunnion, yoke.
  • Accepts photocell
  • Can be equipped with motion sensor upon special request but cannot accommodate both motion and photocell together.

The MORE you know

Older style lights may say they are the best on the market but often they are on the low end of output lumens per watt. The more lumens per watt your light has, the more light it gives off while drawing less power. In turn, this saves you money initially on your purchase by allowing you to buy a lower wattage light. Also you will have the same or more light in your space and still save even more money on your power bill monthly. One of our customers purchased a 300 watt yard light from another company for $800, we charge $750 for a 300w. He came to us wanting another 300 watt to get the same output (lumens) that he currently has. We learned that his 300w from another company was giving off the same amount of light as our 200 watt light that only costs $550.00. So, he bought our 200 watt light and saved himself $250 on the light purchase. Additionally, our light will draw 100 watts less each time it is turned on resulting in lower power costs. More over, he has and extra 4 year warranty with our light. Be careful of the slide of word usage when describing lighting. Not all are made equally.

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