22W White Full Spectrum Grow Light

$46.75 CAD

48″ indoor grow light to support seed starting, supplement light for house plants or start your own indoor vegetable garden! Ultra-light weight, ultra-high efficiency, power savings. Great for vertical growing with multi-level capabilities through daisy chaining and linking. Perfect for home growing! ** PLEASE NOTE ** The wall plug included with this light is out of stock and we are awaiting arrival of stock. If you order this light, we will send out the plug when in stock.

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Our 22W White Full Spectrum Grow Light is a great addition to any home or growing operation. With the addition of grow lights, you can grow many plants successfully indoors. This includes basic house plants to lush garden vegetables. Some homes have limited natural lighting that makes it difficult to bring the beauty of plants into their home. This light is easy to mount with two clips, and can be combined with an easy plug in standard wall plug and can be linked together. Grow lights are ideal for starting seeds indoors, keeping them stocky and to stop them from getting leggy. Getting a head start to extend your growing season gets you one step closer to a bountiful crop from your vegetable garden. Grow many vegetables indoors through the long winter to have access to fresh food year round!

48″ length tube light that is linkable up to a maximum depending on wattage, please see the photo with chart for specific maximum connections . LED options offer high-intensity lighting that use less power, emits stronger intensity while limiting the amount of heat given off by the light. The heat given off by other options such as fluorescent lights can become troublesome when growing in smaller enclosed spaces. For optimal growing give our 2WFull Spectrum Grow Light a try. For a quick overview of growing under grow lights click here

Light Intensity

Winter crop growing indoors also becomes possible with the addition of grow lights in your home. Easily grow leafy greens, herbs, tomatoes, peas, peppers and more. Some plants require differing light intensity and duration. For example, some flowering house plants may require a light closer to them (higher intensity) whereas some foliage plants such as spider plants would be fine with the light up to 36″ away (lower intensity). Fruit/vegetable baring plants do require high intensity light.

Duration (time) of Light Needed 

If you are familiar with growing, whether flowering plants or a vegetable garden, you may know that some plants require different amounts of sunlight. Plant needs are generally categorized in three different categories dependent on their needs for light.

Short-day plants, will thrive on less than 12 hours of sunlight a day. This would include most house plants.

Long-day plants, need 14 to 18 hours of lighting each day. Most vegetable and fruit baring plants are considered long day plants.

Day-neutral plants, are plants that will thrive with 8 to 12 hours of light all year round. Plants in this category include most foliage plants.

When growing in doors it is important to factor in the above noted conditions as well as temperature and humidity needs to optimize your growing.

  • 22W
  • Full Spectrum
  • 48″ length Linkable
  • Maximum fixtures noted in chart
  • Easy clip mounting with plug and play cords
  • Standard Wall Plug is included