20W Wall Pack Dusk to Dawn

$197.16 CAD

NEW DESIGN! Sleek and visually appealing wall pack for residential or commercial spaces!

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This 20W Wall Pack Dusk to Dawn is one of our new models. Featuring a modern design suitable for residential and commercial spaces. The smooth lens cover provides an evenly spread glow of light. This light also comes standard with a built-in dusk to dawn sensor that will never have you wondering if you turned on or off your light! LED lights provide a crisp clear bright light and draw much less power than traditional metal halide, high pressure sodium or compact fluorescent lights. Save up to 80% by switching to LED. Not only will switching to LED save you money but the dusk to dawn sensor will ensure there is no over-usage of the light.

Great for accent lighting, entryway, and area lighting!

Mounts directly to your wall or any flat surface. Made of durable aluminum for the housing and polycarbonate lens material. 120° spread of light that illuminates the area from three sides unlike a “down light wall pack” that only illuminates the area below the fixture. Illuminating your space not only provides a visually appealing aspect it also provides safety and deters unwanted visitors from poking around in your area. Try our new 20W LED Wall Pack with Dusk to Dawn Sensor.