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Suitable for high ceiling height areas of 15 feet and above. This UFO HIGHBAY 240W 6000K lights offer a 120° spread of crisp lighting, cost efficiency with up to 80% savings, and high light output boasting 190Lms per watt with a whopping 45,600 lumens! One of these lights will effectively replace up to three 500-Watt halogen lights. For lower ceiling height areas, please see Linkable Shop Lighting

PLEASE NOTE* Product is currently on back order. Backorders allowed for purchase but be aware wait times may be up to 1 month time with the shipping delays due to the pandemic.

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Products in our Premium Ultra-Bright line will not be beat! This PREMIUM UFO HIGHBAY 240W 6000K light beats out all the rest! Don’t be fooled and shop dollars/watts. Shop by dollars and lumens. The premium ultra-bright line has the highest lumens per watt on the market, with 190lms/watt. Our 240-watt light output is still giving more light than another companies 500w led highbay light. Our UFO High bay 240W light gives more light, uses less power and will still cost you less per light when compared to our competitions 500w light. Know what you’re buying, let us help save you money, and time searching for the best because you’ve found it! This light is backed by a 5-year product warranty! If you have any questions, we are more than happy to help, contact us today.

The 6000K temperature offers a crisp white light that some prefer compared to the warmer temperature of the 5000k light.

Save up to 80% power consumption and cost savings on your monthly bill with our PREMIUM UFO HIGHBAY 240W 6000K light!

  • 240 Watts, (45,600Lms)
  • 190 Lm/watt Effective (with lens, what you receive)
  • 225 Lm/watt RAW (in factory before lens applied)
  • 6,000 K
  • Durable and Rugged Construction
  • 100-277 Volts A/C
  • Chain Hung
  • All Mounting Hardware included
  • 90° Spread of Light
  • Suitable for 15’ and above Ceiling Height

Tip* If you are replacing multiple 500W metal halide lights, you can opt for a lower wattage light with multiples to accommodate full coverage lighting of the floor space. If you are replacing 1-2 lights, you can generally get away with 1 light of a higher wattage to replace. This will save you money on the lights as well as your monthly power draw.

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