100W Slim Wall Pack

$408.10 CAD

Sleek and slim modern design. Get the light where you need it!

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Newly added 100W Slim Wall Pack is an updated design. Visually pleasing enough to use on residential spaces and durable enough for commercial spaces. The design features a compact lens area that focuses the light output to a smaller area. While there are 5 surfaces that light is emitted from, the compact area does give off some area lighting but cuts down on the overall light pollution. Giving off 120° spread of light in a semi downward fashion, the mounting height will play a part in how much area will be illuminated. LED lights provide a crisp clear bright light and draw much less power than traditional metal halide, high pressure sodium or compact fluorescent lights. Save up to 80% by switching to LED.

Great for accent lighting, entryway, and area lighting!

This light mounts directly to your wall or any flat surface. Made of durable aluminum and strong poly-carbonate lens material. The light has a frosted lens with vertical diffusion lines, as a result it will give a softer horizontal spread of light. Illuminating your space not only provides a visually appealing aspect, it also provides safety and deters unwanted visitors from poking around in your area. While traditional wall packs tend to be bulky, this newly designed fixture is compact, with a modern sleek design. Try our 100W Slim Wall Pack today and see what you’ve been missing!