100W Adjustable Wall Pack

$429.30 CAD

Get the light where you need it most with this new Adjustable Wall Pack!

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We are loving the style on our new 100W Adjustable Wall Pack, and we know you will too! Stylish slim design that would work well for any space, residential or commercial. This light may also be called a down light. The adjustable “head” offers a 90° vertical positioning that allows you to direct the light closer to or further away from the building. As a result, you can control exactly where your light shines. Additionally, the light has a 120° spread of light horizontally. Mounting height will play a role in how much area the light will illuminate.

Used for accent lighting, area lighting, entryway and safety lighting. Keep your area illuminated to prevent any hazards you may miss in the dark and to keep unwanted visitors away from your area.

Don’t forget about the cost savings of switching to LED lighting! Save up to 80% with LED. This light features a tempered glass lens that will resist heat, discoloration and also has a durable die-cast aluminum housing to ensure it can withstand the outdoor elements. Adding functionality, design, and durability to your space with our 100W Adjustable Wall Pack.