Amber Side Marker Strips with Courtesy Light

$130.00 CAD

Style and Functionality! 3 Functions. 2 x 60″ lengths

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Our Ultra- bright Amber Side Marker Strips with Courtesy Light come as a package of 2 x 60″ lengths.  A pliable clear and waterproof silicon strip encases the LED chips for durability. Also backed with strong 3M tape. These  strips can be used for side markers on a vehicle, hauling trailers or even toy haulers. Be seen more easily on dark highways and maximize your safety.

The strips have alternating two amber and one white led. 3 functions, full amber, full white or amber and white combined. Depending how the lights are wired in, they can be on full time, with signal lights, or when you open a door. Get your functional and stylish Amber Side Marker Strips with Courtesy Light!

Experience three different functions, including the running lights feature which lights the solid amber LED’s when your trucks headlights are turned on. In poor weather conditions such as rain, snow and fog this function is especially useful. The turn signal feature activates your amber side marker with your turn signals or hazards when in use, while following the same flashing pattern of your turn signals. The courtesy light function flashes bright white LED’s illuminate the ground around your truck. As such this creates significantly increased visibility at night around the perimeter of your vehicle. This function activates when you open your truck’s door or use the vehicle’s key fob.

  • Courtesy Lights- Connect to the interior dome light for usable light any time a door is opened.
  • Turn Signals- Connect to the turn signal wire to enable the syncing flash of your amber marker strips.
  • Running Lights- Connect to the headlight switch source to enable the amber lights to run when your headlights are turned on.
  • 2 x 60” strips
  • 3 Functions
  • Silicon enclosed LED’s for waterproofing
  • Durable 3M backing
  • 1 year warranty