880 LED E-Bryd Series

$205.00 CAD

Single function bulb only. Designed for Versatility and Durability! 6000 Lumens per pair


The 880 LED E-Bryd Series is a bulb in the most versatile and smart LED series offered. It can be installed in every location whether low beam, high beam, or fog light. Also suitable for all types of vehicles including passenger, commercial and all-terrain vehicles. It is designed with a built-in ballast and without any moveable parts which lowers the risk of failure. Each set is comparable to 6000 lumens.

All bulbs in this series offer a lifetime warranty, for as long as you own the vehicle. Recommended for all vehicles that do not have projector headlights. The ultra-white light with wider beam when compared to traditional bulbs provides safety and a pleasant driving experience.

Is this bulb right for you?

Not sure what bulb number you need? Your vehicle manual will have the information. Alternatively, the bulb number will also be stamped on your current bulb. Do a quick search here https://odx.ca/index.php?#top-filter to find your bulb and which series will work best for you.

  • Versatility: Quick and easy install in low, high or fog lamps. Works with all types of vehicles including passenger, commercial and all-terrain vehicles.
  • No External Driver: The built-in driver and heat sink allow dissipation of any heat generated. Additionally, no moving parts which reduces the risk of failure.
  • Installation: No modifications needed. 360-degree adjustable bulb to allow the beam to aim horizontally and create a strong projecting light beam.
  • Instant Ignition: Unlike HID bulbs, these bulbs turn on instantly and do not require a warmup period.
  • Warranty: The E-Bryd LED bulbs have warranty for as long as you own your vehicle. Lifetime over 30,000 hours.
  • Design: Aerospace grade aluminum
  • Power: Comparable to 6000 lumens per pair.
  • Reliability: 100% waterproof, mud, snow, shock, vibration, and dust resistant. Rated for up to -40c to +80c
  • Color: Cool Crisp White 6500K https://kodiakled.com/glossary/kelvin/
  • Peace of Mind: When installed correctly the lights will provide a horizontal beam on the road offering safety for you and will not bother oncoming drivers.