60W Portable Plug and Play Tube

$255.00 CAD

Get Light Where You Need It, go PORTABLE! For use in residential, commercial and industrial applications this 60w portable plug and play tube light is just what you need! Portable durable and rugged work light. Plug and play lighting with easy secure clip mounts for ease of portability as well. See description for options available.

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The 60W portable plug and play tube light offers easy, temporary or permanent movable light where you need it. This light is a great addition to any job site or home garage because of the easy mounting, portability. As well, the plug and play features make this light very easy! Additionally, it is suitable for damp and dusty locations, freezing and hot temperatures. These lights also have a 50,000+ hour lifespan . Furthermore, the -35°C to +55°C temperature rating makes it especially suitable for Canadian climates. The lights are also link-able to add light and cover a larger work space when needed. For added protection the lens is made of poly-carbonate material with aluminum caging.

Whether you are a contractor needing durable, rugged lighting to move from construction sites or needing an easy light for around the house, shop or garage, you’ve found the perfect light! Get the light where you need it, when you want it and how we have it with our 60w portable plug and play tube light.  Many options are available upon request from length, wattage and color temperature to suit your specific needs! However, for pricing on other sizes and options, you can see the specification sheet in the photos above. Contact us to order any other size besides the 60 watt.

Description: Our portable plug and play tube is available in many wattages. As wattage increases, the length does too!
40 Watt  4,800Lm 1ft length
60 Watt 7,200Lm 2 ft length
80 Watt 9,600Lm 3 ft length
100 Watt 12,000Lm 4 ft length


Options of 3000, 4000, 5000, 5700, and 6500 K color temperature to suit your preference.

100-277 Volts A/C

270° Beam Angle

IP 65  (For more information on IP Rating, follow this link http://www.dsmt.com/resources/ip-rating-chart/ )

10 Feet cord with 5-15 receptacle with each light.

Durable and Rugged Poly-carbonate lens

Aluminum caging for added protection

Easy clip mounting hardware included

Operating temperatures of -35°C to 55°C making it suitable for Canadian climate

Lifetime expectancy of 50,000+ hours


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