4.2″ 20W “EYES” Work Lamp

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Compact Spot light with single bolt mounting, amazing output and a unique design!

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Our 4.2″ 20W “EYES” Work Lamp is a compact SPOT work light with outstanding output! Stylish with functionality. Great quality product made with military grade cast aluminum housing and nearly indestructible poly-carbonate Lexan composite lens. We wanted to ensure our customers are getting the best quality lights, so we did our own testing! We set up in a field and shot at a light bar with a shot gun. Leaving only dimples in the lens, the light deflected the shot. Durability at its finest. That is why we feel so confident with our products and back them with a 5-year full product free replacement warranty! Mounting hardware included with a strong adjustable U shape mount with one bolt mounting.

Sold as a set of 2. The interior reflective housing comes in chrome with exterior black housing. Two reflectors each containing 1 single 10 watt LED chip with a focused spot beam with some wash off lighting.

Don’t let the small compact size fool you. This 4.2″ 20W “EYES” Work Lamp gives off an amazing amount of light and are very versatile! You can mount them as a work light, in the bumper of your vehicle, trailer or roof rack.

For quick and simple install, add on a Plug and Play DT-2 Harness (dual output). One harness will run two lights with easy on/off switch and plug and play hook up!

  • 20 Watts per pod
  • Sold as a set of 2
  • Made with 3 watt authentic CREE LED chips
  • 1,720 Lumens (Lms)
  •  Length: 4.2″
  • Operating Voltage: 10-30V DC
  •  IP 68 Waterproof rating. For more info on IP rating, follow this link
  • Housing Color: Black
  • Interior Reflector: Chrome or black option available
  • Poly-carbonate Lexan Composite Lens
  • Cast Aluminum Housing
  • 50,000+ Hours LED Life
  • Military Vent/Breather which helps to prevent moisture from being trapped behind the lens.
  • 5 Year Full Free Product Replacement Warranty
  • For more information follow this link