80W Wedge LED Corn Bulb

$180.00 CAD

Up to 80% power savings! Easy screw in bulb replacement. Even light disbursement suitable for several applications from garage, canopy, hospital, hotel, roadway, garden and more.

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Our 80w wedge LED corn bulb is great for any space with an existing standard light socket. You simply screw this bulb in place of your existing bulb and be amazed at the light output! The light output is 10,400 lumens which will replace a 250 watt HP (high pressure sodium) light. This bulb also replaces metal halide lights. As a result, our light draws less power while giving you MORE light. This then results to money in your pocket with 70% to 80% power savings and a better lit working space. The wedge shape offers an even spread of light directed downward instead of straight out like the traditional corn bulb. This gives your space more workable light. The aluminum die-cast heat sinks and interior fan allow for active air exchange to help with heat dissipation which also extends the life expectancy of the bulb. Life expectancy is 50,000


Corn bulbs can be used in a variety of applications. They can be used in smaller spaces such as the home, garage and shed as well as larger shops, warehouses and industrial garages. As well, these lights are suitable for outdoor applications too! The 80w wedge LED corn bulb can be used as an area lights, canopy lighting and as street lighting. For outdoor applications, please use in conjunction with suitable weather rated fixture/housing.

Base Type:

These lights come with the option of the standard house hold light socket with is the E27 base. As well, the option for the E39 Mogul base associated with the larger wattage HPS and MH bulbs is available.

  • 80 Watt (10,400 Lm) replaces 250 Watt High Pressure Sodium
  • 360° light around the bulb
  • 5,000 K
  • 100-277 VAC
  • 50,000+ hour lifespan
  • Clear or Frosted Lens Available
  • Multiple Lamp Bases Available (E26/E27 + E39/E40)

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