100 Watt LED Wall Pack

$340.00 CAD

Durable rugged designed 100 watt LED wall pack offers exceptional lighting with low power consumption. Easily mounted and accepts a dusk to dawn photocell to optimize your light usage and extend the lifetime of the fixture.

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Our 100 watt LED wall pack is a fully enclosed light. The durable and rugged aluminum fully enclosed housing extends the life of the light long term. Also, the poly-carbonate composite lens is nearly indestructible. It is non-fading, water resistant and can withstand a blast from a shotgun! Yes, that’s right, we shot at one of our lenses with a shotgun and the lens stood up to the challenge. We do currently carry the glass lens option for those that prefer but the poly-carbonate lens is the top quality in our books!

Switching to LED lighting will save you up to 80% of your power consumption. Another perk to this light is that it is photocell compatible. Save the money on the low draw LED chips and in combination with a dusk to dawn sensor to ensure your light is not on when not needed will save you even more! Not only will it cut down on your power consumption but also it will extend the lifetime on the light itself. Easily installed with a flat backing, simply drill your holes where you need them and you’re set! Get the light you need with our 100 watt LED wall pack.

This light offers a substantial spread of light for lighting man-doors, large bay doors or for parking lot lighting as well. Please see the photo attached for aerial view of a building with our LED wall packs. When looking at the photos of the lights installed, you can see the distance that the lights spread. Also noteworthy is the difference in color visually between the old street light in comparison to the new LED wall packs. For more information on the difference in color you can view the photo showing “color temperature”.


     Durable and rugged design

100 watts

15,300 Lumens.

IP65 Rating. For more information on IP rating, please follow this link http://www.dsmt.com/resources/ip-rating-chart/

100-277 V/ AC

Aluminum housing

Poly-carbonate composite lens

Photocell compatible

Low power consumption

Fully enclosed unit


Easy installation